Salcon II Salt Concentration Meter Kit


Reads direct % Chloride or % Salt content.

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The SALCON II model is a robust direct reading instrument designed for use in the field or workshop/laboratory. It provides a direct % Chloride or % Salt content in Wash solutions, food and industrial products. The meter has a built in correction allowing for the use of tap water as the blank solution. It does this by correcting for its inherent conductivity.

The Meter has a Rubber protective boot and tough carry case included as standard.

Features Include:
  • Direct Concentration Readout down to 0.001% Chloride  (Reads % Salt to 0.001% NaCl) 
  • Automatic correction for Tap Water (Blank correction)
  • Auto Endpoint
  • Results storage in the Internal memory
  • Backlit display with Brightness and contrast control.
  • Automatic Temperature Correction (ATC)
  • Automatic Calibration using actual NaCl conductivity data.*
  • Portable with a 200 hour continuous battery life**

The SALCON II Kit includes: The Meter, RB400 Rubber Boot, E5019 Rugged Conductivity Cell, 4 x AA Batteries, 2 x 100ml Bottle and 500ml Salcon II Standard Solution.

British and European Standards:

Water soluble Chloride ion content requirements can be summarised in the European and British Standards BS EN 12620 and BS EN 206-1.

BS EN 206-1 defines the chloride class depending on the type of reinforcing to be used. The class specifies the maximum Chloride content in concrete by mass of cement from the total contribution of all the constituents.

The EDT SALCON II meter is designed to assist in the monitoring and management of the Chloride marine aggregate producers’ factory control procedures as required by BS EN 12620.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 cm

Multi pin DIN for Conductivity/Temperature combined probe.

Temperature Range

-30 to +130 Degrees Centigrade

Conductivity Range

Auto-ranging from 0- 999mS/cm. in appropriate units

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)

ATC across the entire range

Reference Temperature

Set at 25 degrees C


Backlit LCD Graphic Display


175x88x48mm (lwh). Meter Only


350g (Meter Only)

Temperature Coefficient

Set at 2% Per degree

Power Requirement

4 X AA Batteries

Auto-ranging (Conductivity)

Select the correct unit range Automatically.

Battery Life

Over 200 Hours continuous use. Power saving features include:
Auto off, Backlight control, logging sleep mode.

Data Output

Mini USB. Outputs csv at 38400 Baud

Conductivity Resolution

Resolves to 0.01uS/cm in the low range. Otherwise 4 Significant figures.

Data Storage

Dynamic Internal storage of up to 64 files. Logging maximum 10,000 data points

Conductivity Accuracy

+/- 0.2% of Reading

Salt Concentration

Direct Reading as % NaCL. Resolution 0.001%
Range 0-50% (Saturation)

Chloride Concentration

Direct Reading as % Chloride. Resolution 0.001%
Range 0-30% (Saturation)

Data Logging

Maximum data points 64,000. Log period 10 seconds to 99 hrs.59mins .59 secs Log interval minimum 1 second.


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