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The measurement of Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium in nutrient feed, fertilizers and soil is crucial to achieve optimal crop yield whilst minimising environmental damage by excessive discharge into rivers and waterways.

Corrosion Analysis

Metals in water corrode. Measuring the condition of Sacrificial Anodes, monitoring Boat Hulls, checking Cathodic Dis-bondment of coatings or just measuring the REDOX potential of the water are keys to identifying and solving issues before they become catastrophic or expensive.


Measuring Water quality is the key to improving our environment. Our simple low cost products enable both Water proffesionals and keen environmentalists to check and quantify common pollutants in our waterways. Nitrate, Ammonium, Phosphate and Dissolved Oxygen are made as easy to measure as a common pH test.

Salt and Chloride Measurement

Chloride levels  in aggregates  and cement are crucial l in the construction industry. Lowering the Salt content in our daily food intake is critical for maintaining good human health. These are just two industries  where our bespoke products provide rapid, simple and low cost solutions to technically challenging problems for todays manufacturers.


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Agricultural Analysis

The accurate measurement of  Ammonium, NPK and pH is critical to the efficiency of the  worldwide agricultural industry.


Measuring and monitoring the corrosion of metal structures in water is critical in preventing damage to important assets.


The first step to improving water quality is being able to make accurate low cost measurements to identify the problems correctly.

Food - Beverages

All of our processed food is tested for Ionic content such as salt, pH and Calcium. We have advice on the methods used.

Salt-Construction- Industry

Industrial processes involve the measurement of ions during the process and on the effluent before discharge. We have prepared a selection of useful methods.

NPK Analysis

Controlling the use of Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium optimises yield, saves money and reduces pollution of our waterways.

EDT Technical Support

Here you will find an extensive  library of practical application methods, short technical notes and step-by-step protocols for use with our products.

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