Polymer Conductivity Cell K=1 Mini DIN


Polymer Conductivity Cell with mini DIN.

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The E5019 Polymer Conductivity Cell is for general purpose dip applications and is ideal for general laboratory measurements over the range of 1uS/cm to 200mS/cm or where glass is not acceptable e.g. food processing.

Typical applications could range from checking the quality of source water to the quality control of Brine preparations.

The 12mm rugged inert polymer body has two internal active carbon electrodes which have to be submerged in the samples to a minimum depth of around 2cm. The E5019 Conductivity cell is suitable for use with the complete range of EDT conductivity meters and contains a temperature sensor to enable all readings to be temperature compensated (ATC).

Calibration solutions are available and the recommendation for general purpose cells (K=1) is to calibrate using a 1413uS/cm standard such as EDT A3052 and A3053. The E5019 Polymer Conductivity Cell has a fixed 1 metre cable with a mini-DIN connector to fit EDT meters. The QP481 Portable Conductivity/TDS Meter is ideal for use with the E5019 Polymer Conductivity Cell.

We also manufacture conductivity cells compatible with most models and make of instrument. Contact us so we can advise the part number and price.

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