The NPK Meter Kit has everything required to make  simultaneous measurement of Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium in water samples. For nutrient feed, run-off and river water this is straightforward. To Measure NPK in soil there is a sample preparation step. We have prepared several methods to enable NPK to be measured in all of the common sample types.

NPK in Nutrient Feed

Liquid fertilizer or nutrient feed is commonly used by growers using coir in poly tunnels, and by vertical farmers operating  hydroponic systems. The NPK is easily measured by simply diluting the feed by around 1 in 200 and measuring directly. Follow our simple method.

NPK in Soil

Farmers can calculate the Kg/Hectare of Nitrate fertilizer required to optimise yield and reduce cost. Before NPK can be measured the ions need to be extracted from the soil samples . The method outlines both the extraction and the measurement.

NPK in Water & Run-Off

Vertical growers recycle the used nutrient feed whilst growers will want to ensure high levels of Nitrate and Phosphate are not discharged into public waterways. The NPK Meter kit will enable these tests to be operated on just 50ml of sample.