Potassium Flow Plus Combination ISE


Potassium Liquid Junction ISE with 1 Metre Cable.

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The Potassium Flow Plus Combination ISE incorporates two solid state ISE’s in one 12 mm Epoxy body. One acts as the Sensor whilst the other is incorporated into the reference system. Click here to Watch a Set up Video.

Flow plus combination ISE's do not require a separate reference electrode. This makes it convenient to use with small sample volumes. The sensor and reference are solid state which ensures a longer shelf life than any other type of ISE.

The reference half-cell has a free-flowing liquid junction which will reduce drift and provide more stable readings than conventional ISE’s. Flow plus electrodes are ideal for measuring awkward or dirty samples which would clog conventional reference electrodes.

Flow plus ISEs require a filling solution. The capacity of the reference chamber is approximately 3ml. A Flow plus reference system has a liquid junction provided by a conical plug which is opened or closed by rotation of the electrode cap. The wider the opening between body and plug the faster the electrolyte flows.

Low ionic strength samples and samples with high viscosity or particulates are examples of media that require this increased flow. Flow plus ISEs are ideal in situations where drift, slow response times and reduced electrode lifetimes are a problem. Each EDT directION Flow plus ISE has a 1 metre cable and a BNC connector allowing use on all types of pH/ION meter including laboratory bench and research models. Other connectors are available on request.

More Info:

For Quick Ion analysis for under £500 use our ION Concentration Calculator.

The EDT QP459 pH/ION meter is the perfect instrument for these ISEs. EDT are a UK based manufacturer and produce ISEs for many prominent companies in the water testing sector. Our ISEs are very competitively priced and come complete with technical support provided from our vast library of applications and our in house electrochemistry technicians.

For optimum results use EDT direction standards and Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffers ( ISABs).

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 4 cm




Cap Diameter




Cable Length


Resistance at 25 Deg C

< 2.5 MOhm

Potential Drift

2mV per Day

Temperature Range

5 – 50°C

Endpoint Time

Typically 10-60 seconds

Reference Type

Liquid Junction

Commodity Code


Concentration Range

0.04-39,000 ppm

pH Range



Ammonium, Caesium


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