Quick ION Measurements

To measure the concentration of any Ion in samples is traditionally quite expensive as you need to purchase an ION meter. However if you are looking for a quick, easy and cost effective method this excel calculator is for you.

What do you need?

  1. EDT Ion Concentration Calculator (Excel)  Free of Charge*
  2. Any pH/mV meter with a BNC connector e.g.  this cannot be a multimeter.
  3. An EDT directION combination ISE of any Species 
  4. An EDT direct ION 1000ppm Standard Solution (500ml) 

The method is simple:

Take 100ml of your sample and measure the mV value. Add 10ml of the standard and read the mV Value again.

Input the values into our calculator for an instant accurate Ion concentration in ppm.

The calculator also enables you to use different volumes of standard and sample as required. Just input the values into the calculator.

The QP459 ION Meter

This method of analysis is formally known as Known Addition and it is particularly useful for the analysis of awkward samples or where dilution takes the concentration below the level needed for analysis.  The QP459 ION meter has this mode included  as standard as well as the common method of direct reading.

*The EDT Ion Concentration calculator will be emailed free to all purchasers of any EDT directION ISE.

**Any mV meter can be used. You may already have one e.g. as a mV mode on a pH meter. Email us for a 20% discount voucher.  sales@edt.co.uk

Image showing a combination Ion Selective Electrode.