Fluoride Flowcell ISE


Zero dead volume Fluoride Sensor.

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The Fluoride Flow Cell sensor is ideal for Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) or any constant or continuous monitoring application. Measurements can be made in zero flow or in stop/flow or static measurements.

  • Zero dead volume
  • Solid state
  • Fast response
  • Long lifetime
  • Unlimited shelf life

The Fluoride sensor is in the form of a small solid state Acrylic block with a bore diameter of 1.2 mm. A flow through reference is required for operation (Part No. 4001).

These small ISEs have exactly the same specifications as the standard Fluoride ISE (Part No. 1221) but has further advantages such as: zero dead volume, large sample contact area, low sample volume (min 50 microliters), easy cleaning.

The Fluoride Flow Cell has unlimited shelf life. Supplied with O rings, 1 metre cable with BNC connector.

Requires reference flow cell (Part No. 4001), flow cell holder (Cat 4443). Tubing and pump not supplied.

The EDT flowcell holders are constructed from Aluminium with Stainless steel fittings. Standard holders accept 1,2or 3 modules plus a reference flowcell EDT direction produce standard solutions and ISABs for all ISE analysis.

Specification is the same as Fluoride Half Cell ISE (Part No. 1221).

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Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 cm
Bore Diameter


Flowcell Width


Dead Volume





2mm Pin

Minimum Cell Volume

50 Microlitres. (200 with reference)

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