Thiocyanate Half Cell ISE


Thiocyanate Half Cell ISE with 1 Metre Cable.

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The EDT directION Thiocyanate Half Cell ion selective electrode has a solid state Crystalline membrane.

It requires the use of a double junction reference electrode which has its outer chamber filled with the Ionic strength adjustment buffer (ISAB). The electrode is designed for the detection and analysis of Thiocyanate ions in aqueous solutions and is suitable for use in the laboratory and in on line analysers.


  • Solid State Electrode
  • No internal Filling solutions required
  • Rugged Robust and Maintenance free
  • Waterproof and Submersible
  • Fixed or Detachable lead versions
  • Compatible will all pH or Ion meters
  • Long life and Low Cost


Please note that both the ISE and the reference electrode need to be placed in the standards or samples simultaneously. Furthermore they should not be more than around 10cm apart. The side filling cap of the double junction reference electrode should be open during measurements and closed during storage. The EDT Half Cell ISE can be used immediately, however pre-soaking for 5 minutes in a 100 ppm Thiocyanate solution along with the double junction reference electrode is recommended.

The ionic strength of the standards and solutions should be kept constant between all standards and samples. This is achieved by the simple addition of an Ionic strength adjustment buffer (ISAB). Potassium Nitrate is ideal. A typical addition would be 1 ml of 5 molar ISAB to 100 ml of standard and sample. This solution is also used as the outer chamber reference electrode filling solution. For low level measurements below around 50 ppm in relatively pure samples no ISAB is needed. No temperature correction is possible it is therefore important that all standards and samples should be measured at the same temperature to ensure that temperature effects are eliminated.

Begin calibration from the lowest concentration standard to avoid cross contamination. Calibration should cover the anticipated range of the samples. Rinse tips of both electrodes with de-ionised water between measurements and dab off excess water.

When the response time or slope of your crystalline ISE reduces, lightly polish the tip with very fine emery paper to refresh.

EDT directION produce a full range of Stock Standards and Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffers (ISABs) to save valuable time and give confidence in the quality of your results.

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Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 4 cm




Cap Diameter




Cable Length


Resistance at 25 Deg C

< 2.5 MOhm

Potential Drift

2mV per Day

Temperature Range

5 – 50°C

Endpoint Time

Typically 10-60 seconds

Reference Type

Separate reference electrode required.

Commodity Code


Concentration Range

1-5800 ppm


Bromide, Chloride, Iodide, Sulphide


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