Semi Micro Combination pH Electrode


A glass bodied semi-micro pH combination electrode with a 4.5mm diameter tip for the lower 9cm section.

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The semi-micro pH combination electrode is a narrow pH electrode with a 4.5mm diameter tip for the lower 9cm section.

The EDT E8100 is ideal for the measurement of small samples in small containers or tubes. The upper part of the electrode is a standard 12mm diameter and fits all standard cell holders and clamps.

The E8100 does not require a separate reference electrode and is compatible with all EDT pH meters and most modern alternatives with a BNC socket.

Many semi –micro pH electrodes have a 3.5 or 3.7mm diameter making them very fragile and impractical for use in a busy laboratory. The EDT 8100 has a toughened glass tip and a ceramic reference junction which ensures excellent stability a fast response time. The electrode is refillable with KCL filling solution saturated with Ag/AgCl.

This narrow pH electrode comes complete with a 1 metre fixed cable and a BNC connector. For some standard applications it may be best to use the E8080 rugged polymer pH combination electrode or the E8081 standard Glass electrode unless the samples are too small to accommodate those electrodes.

Not suitable for TRIS Buffers. Calibration is normally performed using two pH buffer solutions and a temperature probe for Automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

To view a simple pH calibration click here.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 4 cm



12mm from the cap down to 4.5mm at the tip.

Cap Diameter




Cable Length


Body Type

Glass Body – Glass Bulb

pH Range



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