Phosphate Meter Kit


Phosphate Combination ISE Kit With Accessories

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Phosphate is usually measured using expensive and time consuming reagent test kits. Using  the Phosphate Meter kit is quicker and more convenient with a much lower cost per test than any equivalent measurement.

This unique test involves a simple two point calibration using 10 and 100ppm Phosphate Standards and direct reading of the sample with the direct reading QP459 ION Meter. (Included)

The result can be read in ppm Phosphate or Total P. and the data stored in the internal memory or exported to Excel with the  Data Kit (not included).

This kit comprises of:

  • Phosphate Combination ISE - only available in this kit
  • QP459 ION Meter with direct concentration reading mode
  • Phosphate Reagent A
  • Phosphate Reagent B
  • Phosphate Standard Solution (10ppm)
  • Phosphate Standard Solution (100ppm)

Here are some of the benefits of using the EDT direction Phosphate Kit:

  • Rugged Solid State Sensor
  • No Filling solutions
  • Direct reading Rugged Meter
  • Built in dry Reference electrode
  • Suitable for Laboratory and Field work
  • Stored dry for long lifetime
  • Low cost per test compared to reagent kits
  • Easy to use

The Phosphate Combination ISE has a 1 metre cable and a BNC connector. This product is only compatible with the QP459 Portable Ion Meter.

The test is simple. To 50ml of sample add 5 ml of Reagent A, stir and add 5ml of Reagent  then read the Phosphate concentration.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm




Cap Diameter




Cable Length


Resistance at 25 Deg C

< 2.5 MOhm

Potential Drift

2mV per Day

Temperature Range

5 – 50°C

Endpoint Time

Typically 10-60 seconds

Reference Type

Single Junction

Commodity Code


Concentration Range


pH Range





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