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Unique, zero dead volume half-cell for continuous monitoring of the pH of clean solutions.

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The 4081 pH Flow Cell is a unique, zero dead volume half-cell for continuous monitoring of the pH of clean solutions.

The pH half-cell needs a separate reference electrode which can be placed either before or after the Flowcell in the set up. To avoid air bubbles it is recommended that the pH Flow Cell is positioned vertically in the measurement cell.

The 4081 is constructed in a 10mm glass tube and has a 3mm bore diameter. It is connected to flexible tubing which should have an internal diameter of approximately 3-5mm.

The pH sensitive glass is in the form of a capillary which eliminates dead volume and reduces response times. The specification is therefore the same as our standard E8081 Glass pH dip cell.

The pH Flow Cell comes complete with a BNC connector and 1 metre cable. This makes it compatible with all makes of pH meter. We'd recommend the QP451 Portable pH Meter with a Half Cell Adapter.

EDT directION provide a range of solutions for pH Testing. Buffers are available in 500ml Leak Proof HDPE Bottles of solution or as capsules to be dissolved in de-ionised water.

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Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 cm
Bore Diameter

Inner – 3mm
Outer – 4mm







Cable Length


Reference Type

Separate reference electrode required.

Body Type

Glass Non-Refillable

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