NPK Sonde Complete with N,P,K and Reference Sensors – Coming Soon


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The NPK Sonde is a multi sensor probe with detachable sensors and a 1 metre cable.

The Sonde is compatible with the EDT directION NPK Meter and has a rugged body with removable protective skirt for the Nitrate, Potassium, Phosphate and reference electrodes.

Each probe is solid state and can be left dry. Replacement sensors can be purchased individually.

The location of each cell is important so the sensor module ports are identified as N P and K to avoid errors.

The cable connector is a mini DIN and is compatible only with the NPK meter.

Additional information

Cable Length






Commodity Code


Concentration Range

N : 0.4 to 64,000ppm. P: 0 to 120ppm K: 0.04 to 39.000ppm


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