Iodide Mini ISE


Iodide Mini ISE with free wire end.

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EDT directION mini Ion selective electrodes are rugged solid state sensors that can be used in conjunction with any reference electrode half cell to make a complete Ion sensor.

These mini ISEs are the sensing component of the half cell and Combination ISE's produced by EDT directION and can be used to build your own ISE to suit your application. They can also be used as a Micro alternative to 12mm half cell. Micro reference half cells are available on request.

There are two basic sensor constructions: PVC on a solid state substrate and Crystal membrane with a solid state contact. The Iodide mini ISE is a Crystalline electrode and therefore maybe polished and cleaned as the electrode gets older.

The lack of internal solution means that lifetime is enhanced and submersion is possible. The sensor does not flex under reasonable pressure.

The solid state sensors have a huge advantage over conventional ISEs in that there is no internal fill solution to degenerate the sensor. This means that EDT direction mini ISEs have an un-rivalled lifetime and a very low cost of ownership.

For optimum results use EDT direction standards and Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffers ( ISABs).

The Technical specification is identical to the Half cell equivalent Cat. No. 1281

For Quick Ion analysis for under £500 use our ION Concentration Calculator.

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