Cathodic Protection Reference Electrode


Cathodic Protection Reference Electrode

The Cathodic Protection Reference Electrode from EDT directION is a Silver/Silver Chloride Reference electrode. It is designed to measure the condition of boats and submerged metal structures in water (typically sea water).

The product is waterproof and submersible. Common uses include the measurement of the effectiveness of Sacrificial Anodes (Zinc) bolted to boat hulls and drive components. Each material has a standard potential and deviations can illustrate the progress of corrosion.

The electrode is connected to the negative terminal of the Multi-meter and the positive terminal is connected to the structure in question e.g Boat Hull, Drive, etc. The electrode comes complete with a 5 Metre cable. Multi meter not supplied.

When measuring the REDOX Potential of water, the electrode will need to be paired with the 9999ORP Platinum Redox Sensor. This is because the platinum sensor is inert and is sensitive to the presence of electrons in the water.

The QP999 Boat Meter is recommended for use with the Cathodic Protection Reference Electrode. This is because the meter has two 4mm sockets on the rear of the case. The reference electrode goes to the black socket, whilst the red socket should receive either the 5m Cable or the 9999ORP Probe. There are two modes on the QP999: 'Boat Hull' mode and 'Water Redox Mode'.

Visit our YouTube Channel for more information on cathodic protection.

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Cable length

5 Metres

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