Buffer Capsule pH 7 (Pack of 10)


pH 7 Buffer Capsules (Pack of 10)

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EDT buffer capsules are colour coded and dissolve in deionised or distilled water to make 100ml of clear coloured buffer solution per capsule. One litre of buffer can be prepared by dissolving the contents of a complete vial (10 Capsules) in water and diluting to 1000ml.

These capsules are ideal for infrequent use and offer the advantage of being colour coded for ease of identification with an extended shelf life. Buffer capsules are easy to store and transport and dissolve quickly to produce NIST traceable buffer solutions.

Always choose a pH 7 buffer plus at least one other pH value close to your expected measurement range. Calibration should be performed before each reading or each set of readings.

These buffer capsules are compatible with all makes and models of pH meters and electrodes. For accurate calibrations you should perform calibration frequently and with fresh buffer solutions.

Never pour used buffer back into the bottle and always discard after use. Use buffers that cover the pH range of the samples you are testing (i.e. directly above and below the expected value of your sample.


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Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 14 cm

Water Soluble Capsule




Each Capsule makes 100ml Buffer Solution


10 capsules per vial


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