Ammonia Combination ISE For Process Control


Ammonia Combination ISE

The EDT direction Ammonia combination ISE is a traditional pH glass sensor with a refillable membrane cap.

This electrode does not have the solid state advantage of the Ammonium ISE 3051. However, the electrode is able to detect dissolved Ammonia down to around 50ppb. For successful operation NaOH ISAB should be added to the samples and standards to ensure all the Ammonium is converted to NH3.

In principle the Ammonia penetrates the membrane and causes a change in the pH of the internal solution locally at the interface. This pH change is directly proportional to NH3 concentration. The 8302/S8 comes with an S8 connector suitable for connecting to all meters and controllers.

For direct concentration reading and absolute simplicity the EDT QP459 pH/ION meter is the perfect instrument for these ISEs.

For Quick Ion analysis for under £500 use our ION Concentration Calculator (mV Meter Required).

EDT are a UK based manufacturer and produce ISEs for many prominent companies in the water testing sector. As a result our ISEs are very competitively priced and come complete with technical support provided from our vast library of applications and our in house electrochemistry technicians.

U se EDT directION standards and Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffers (ISABs) for optimum results.

Click here to see a simple calibration procedure or learn more about the principles of ISE measurement.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 4 cm




Cap Diameter




Cable Length


Resistance at 25 Deg C

< 5 MOhm

Concentration Range


Potential Drift

2mV per Day

pH range


Temperature range

5-50 Degrees C

Endpoint Time

Typically 10-60 seconds



Reference Type

Single Junction Ag/AgCl

Body Type

Polymer body with replaceable membrane caps.

Commodity Code



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