Conductivity Calibration Solution 12.88mS/cm (100ml)


100ml of 12.88ms/cm conductivity standard.

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The 12.88 Conductivity Standard enables the successful and accurate calibration of our conductivity meters and electrodes.

The measurement of conductivity requires that the sample be aqueous and to be of adequate volume to cover the electrode surfaces. It is important that if the samples and standards are not of the same temperature then temperature compensation is required.

Conductivity increases approximately 2% per degree centigrade. Normally the conductivity calibration is carried out on one point. One useful check is that the conductivity in air should be zero as there is no conductive material between the electrodes.

EDT direction conductivity standards are Potassium Chloride solutions. They are available in either 100ml or 500ml sealed plastic bottles. For correct use the appropriate volume of standard should be poured into a clean beaker or container. Do not calibrate by placing the conductivity cell in the bottle as this will contaminate the solution. Following calibration remember to close the bottle to avoid evaporation or contamination and do not pour the used standard back into the bottle.

As well as the 12.88 Conductivity Standard there are also 1413µS/cm Conductivity Calibration Solutions available. These are also available in both 100ml and 500ml quantities.

Visit our YouTube Channel for calibration videos.

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Analytical grade Potassium Chloride and De-ionised Water.

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