NPK in Water and Run-off

Image showing an NPK Measurement Kit.

The NPK Meter allows the user to test Nitrate, Phosphate and Potassium (NPK Measurement) in minutes with one probe and just 50ml of sample solution.

This accurate, instant test means is simple to operate and avoids the need to send samples to the test laboratory with all of the cost and delay that causes so much frustration.

The meter is calibrated with one Multi-Cal Standard solution and displays all three parameter results in ppm on the screen. This result can be stored in the internal memory and downloaded to Excel for storage and manipulation.

The Nitrate and Potassium tests are direct measurements whilst Phosphate requires the addition of reagents. The result is achieved in around 3 minutes.

Features include:

  • Direct Readout of NPK ppm in Minutes
  • Very low cost per test
  • Easy to use
  • One single probe with replaceable low cost sensors
  • Maintenance free dry storage probe
  • Rugged Kit contains everything needed for the test*
  • Portable Kit can be used anywhere
  • Can be used directly on diluted Nutrient feed

The NPK meter kit can also be used for monitoring any kind of water sample. The test is carried out on a 50ml sample.