Conductivity Electrode Selector

There are many types of Conductivity cell or Electrode and they all are designed with a particular purpose in mind. You will need a different cell for de-ionised water measurement than the type used for measuring salt in food or aggregates.


Conductivity Electrode Selector
Application E8074 E8075 E5019 A6000 A6000/ATC E8070 E5010 A5005
Laboratory Aqueous Samples   x   x
Pure Water  x
Salt in Aggregates   x  
Field testing   x   x
Continuous monitoring  x x
Continuous work with ATC    x
Flash Chromatography    x     x
Dirty Samples    x   x
Mixing and measuring   x
Acids and bases    x
Solvents   x
Storage:          All conductivity cells should be rinsed with deionised water after use and stored dry in their box.

If the probe has to be stored in the lab ready for immediate use store in a beaker of DI water.

Cleaning:       Clean with deionised water and dab dry. If there is sample contamination clean with warm water and detergent. 
Rinse thoroughly with deionised water
If contaminated by organic material rinse with solvent and then deionised water.
Never physically scratch the active black plates on the Glass cells as this is the active area.